Change of Pace

Just a quick little announcement here to let everyone know that I will be taking a hiatus from wedding photography in 2015. Don’t be sad! I will be happily finishing up all the wonderful wedding clients I currently have booked, and I’ll still be assisting and shooting weddings with other photogs. I feel I need to take some time to work on a few personal projects that I’ve been thinking about for a long while now. And sometimes, you know, you just have to revisit your roots. I’ve already done some fun stuff this year on the side, and I’d like to continue on with it into next year. So while I may not be available as your primary wedding photog, I’ll still be shooting events, portraits, and commercial work. I’ll definitely still be posting here, too (well, if I can ever force myself to sit down and actually write and upload stuff, that is.)

For anyone curious, here are a few things that I have been up to and will hopefully be doing more of in 2015 . . .

. . . like fitness portraits . . .

Fitness Photography Dallas


. . . prom and senior sessions . . .

prom portraits


. . . the music scene . . .



. . . and shooting CrossFit competitions.

CrossFit competition

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Emmi // Personal Trainer

It’s true– while most of what you guys see me shoot are weddings, I do occasionally take on some awesome portrait and event jobs. This session (posted way late because we actually did these back in April), was one such awesome shoot. Emmi has done a lot of hard work to not only get her rockin’ bod, but also to build up her business as a personal trainer. If you’re looking for a boot camp to try and are in the Joshua area, look her up! In the meantime, let’s all admire the self-control, discipline, and hard work it must have taken for her to look this amazing!


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YWCA Wedding // A & C Wedding

On April 26th I had the great honor to photograph Alyssa & Chris’s wedding at the always-lovely YWCA in Fort Worth. The gorgeous weather, beautiful venue, breathtaking bride, and just plain fun atmosphere made for an incredible day. So very glad I got to be a part of it! Here are my favorites from the day to keep you guys busy until I can finish editing the rest.;-)


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New for 2014

mini sessions and photo training

There are two things I’m very excited about introducing to you guys this year: Mini sessions and coaching/instruction sessions! I’ve offered mini sessions in the past, but only for a limited time, so I thought, “Hey, people still need quick, hassle-free sessions with quick turn-around times all year long,” so for 2014 I’ve added it to my list of session options. As for the hourly instruction, I think this will serve people better than a workshop– everyone is at different skill levels and have different interests and questions, so why not build around that?


  • 30 minutes
  • 1 location, 1 outfit
  • 48-hour turnaround time
  • 10 – 20 available finished images
  • 5 high-resolution files (client’s choice)
  • $35 per additional high-resolution file
  • up to 4 people, $35 per additional individual
  • instant digital download
  • basic color/contrast correction
  • online gallery
  • family sessions accepted October 1st – November 15th ONLY
  • location & travel fees may be additional

$150, plus tax


  • all questions answered
  • personalized instruction
  • covering everything from basic camera settings, flash, business, editing, and more
  • coaching in-person over coffee, or via Skype
  • possible opportunities to shadow a wedding or portrait shoot
  • great for anyone getting started in photography, or anyone with lots of questions!

$45 per hour

Contact me to set up a time for your Effortless or Coaching Session!
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